Refresh Your Tired Scalp, Body And Mind




Welcome to our exclusive private space, where you'll be greeted by our head spa specialist.
Enjoy a warm and cozy environment featuring Japan-imported Takara Belmont Premium Salon Seats. Experience the ultimate luxury with our premium chairs & get ready to begin your pampering experience.


Experience the comfort of Aroma Therapy, perfectly matched to your mood, as it gently stimulates your senses.

Head and shoulder massage before your journey begins. Our massage covers the scalp, neck, and shoulders to ensure complete relaxation.

Lie down and relax with an organic sesame seed and lavender eye mask.

The Journey

Indulge in a deep scalp replenishing wash by our specialist, followed by head node combing to increase blood circulation to your scalp.

Experience the luxurious sensation of our Headspa Tools – you're sure to love it!

Enjoy the benefits of our hot steam ion treatment, which can improve circulation, loosen congestion, and promote relaxation. Inhaling the hot steam can also help to open up the airways and sinuses, making it easier to breathe and reducing congestion.


Complete your journey with a scalp care application, administered by our expert specialist.

As an added bonus, enjoy a complimentary flower tea while having your hair blow-dried by our head spa specialist!

Head Spa Menu

Headspa + Hair Treatment Menu


Please note that our appointment availability is limited. To check for available slots, we recommend reaching out to our customer service team for assistance.

To secure the slot
$20 deposit is required 


Benefits Of HeadSpa

Improved scalp health

A head spa can help to promote a healthy scalp by removing dirt and buildup, reducing dandruff and excess oil, and improving blood circulation to the scalp.

Deep Relaxation

A head spa can be a deeply relaxing experience that helps to reduce stress and tension in the body

Reduced headaches

improved sleep

Pampering & self-care

Healthier hair

Why Korean Head Spa?



The Best Korean Scalp & Hair Treatment Expertise in Singapore

At Ministry of Scalp Therapy, we are committed to making you feel beautiful, inside and out using the best equipment and products. Our expert Scalp Therapists can help address your scalp problems by finding long-term solutions that promise a lasting result. This is our promise from MINISTRY OF SCALP THERAPY, for your healthier scalp. Based on young reliability and high vision, we are set to maintain healthy scalp for our customers.

MINISTRY OF SCALP THERAPY works with superior know-how to provide an innovative scalp solution for a better hair quality.

Expert Scalp Specialists

Our beauticians are trained professionals and skilled specialists in the field of scalp care.