Abyssine (Relief of skin irritation caused by external stimuli) Invigorates & revitalizes fibre. Provides a flawless finish

Hyaluronic Acid (With strong hydrophilicity, the moisture content of the scalp is maintained up to 1,000 times.) Moisturizes & hydrates both scalp & fibre. Plumps fibre for fuller effect.

Vitamin E (Strengthening the barrier of hair and scalp through antioxidant) Protects from external aggressors thanks to anti-oxidant properties. Prevents damage from UV, pollution & free-radicals.

Charcoal (remove impurities from the scalp)

What is Kérastase Chronologiste?

The ultimate in revitalizing care. Kérastase Chronologiste transforms the hair from scalp to ends, producing shine, softness and bounce. It’s an anti-ageing treatment for the scalp & hair that will provide hydration, deep cleansing, and will help remove pollution particles.

Chronologiste Routine : Give your hair an exceptional and complete ritual. Chronologiste combines luxurious advanced technology and unique sensory experience. This restorative treatment sublimates all hair types, from scalp to ends.

What’s included in this treatment?

- Scalp Check
- Welcome Massage
- Exfoliation
- Hair Steaming - Hair Shampooing & Treatment
- Hair Texturizing

Who should do this Treatment?

All individuals with any hair type that seeks anti-ageing benefit, shine, and softness while strengthening and regenerating the hair fiber.