Aminexil - helps reduce hair loss & prevents collagen from hardening around hair follicles

Ginger roots - Antioxidant action & helps to reduce hair- loss due to breakage by up to 99.35%

Edelweiss Native Cells - to prevent hair breakage

“Perfume ingredients are found in cosmetic products acting as vectors of sensory and emotional pleasure. They are evaluated thoroughly to ensure they are completely safe.”

What is Kérastase GENESIS?

Kérastase Genesis is the first range to treat both kinds of hair-fall - at the root and from fiber breakage, for all women, in all lifestyles, with all degree of hair fall. Its fortifying action helps to restore the fiber and reinforces its natural resistance to reduce the risk of hair fall due to breakage. This will strengthen the hair fibers for intense resilience & luscious beauty.

Genesis Routine :
All women go through periods in life where they experience increased levels of hair-fall. Take action and give your hair the care it needs with Genesis: an exclusive anti hair-fall hair care for all women, in all lifestyles, with different degrees of hair-fall. A dual action that targets hair-fall from fiber breakage & from weakened root. It strengthens the fiber for intense resilience to reduce the risk of hair-fall while giving fiber all the care it needs. Hair is fortified and more beautiful with a healthier fuller look. Find the best routine designed for your hair type.

What’s included in this treatment?

- Scalp Check
- Aroma Bathe & Water Spa
- Scrubbing
- Head Spa Shampooing & Hair Conditioning
- Hair Steaming
- Scalp Ampoule & Serum Application

Who should do this Treatment?

For all women, in all ages & lifestyles, with all degrees of hair fall.