Elasticity & Protein Intensive Care using LIFTING MACHINE (HIFU)

After damage care, silk protein, oligopeptide and skin nutrients is concentrated, with a high amount of Botox-like ingredient called Trans-X absorbed into the skin to provide and maintain firming feeling.

Stimulating the skin SMAS layer, which lies between the subcutaneous fat layer and the muscle layer, the treatment supplies nutrients to the skin, improving skin elasticity, reducing wrinkles, and has a face reduction effect.

When should I do CV SIZOPIRIN TREATMENT, and what skin type is it suitable for?

Personalised Effect by Skin Type

It is suitable for individuals who wants to:

- Reduce wrinkles
- Reduce wrinkles around eye and nasolabial folds area
- Have face lifting
- Improve skin moisture and skin elasticity

It is suitable for individuals with skin malnutrition, dull skin, loss of skin elasticity, acne scars, large pores, and nodular acne skin

Reduced skin elasticity: Using beauty device to stimulate the SMAS layer, a protein focus care to improve skin elasticity

Nodular acne: sebum, waste & inflammatory discharge, pore shrinkage

Aging skin: Reduces fine lines, instant firming, improve skin elasticity

Sensitive skin: Relieve redness, maximize skin self-sufficiency

MTS, dermabrasion skin: Synergy effect of MTS and dermabrasion, with maximized nutrition supply in a short time